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Bits & Bops is a collection of original rhythm mini-games.

Featuring over 20 mini-games filled with catchy music, snappy gameplay and gorgeous, hand-drawn animation, Bits & Bops is sure to brighten your day.


  • Over 20 unique rhythm mini-games to entertain and challenge you
  • Super fun gameplay with simple controls that anyone can learn
  • Catchy, upbeat original tunes sure to have you bopping along
  • Gorgeous hand-drawn 2D animation that brings everything to life
  • A custom game engine with lightning fast response times
  • An adorable dog-bear named Bop to keep you company

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StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(78 total ratings)
AuthorTempo Lab Games
GenreRhythm, Action
TagsCasual, Colorful, Cute, Funny, Hand-drawn, minigames, Music, Score Attack, wholesome


Bits & Bops Kickstarter Demo Windows 147 MB
Version 16 43 days ago
Bits & Bops Kickstarter Demo macOS 157 MB
Version 16 43 days ago
Bits & Bops Kickstarter Demo Linux 146 MB
Version 16 43 days ago

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Super cute rhythm game! Highly recommend!

:D Cool demo


Now add some endless games!


I played the game and found it really fun! However, I am not allowed to open it up again for some reason. I'm not sure if this is supposed to happen.

This is a bug, sorry about that! We've pushed a temporary fix to the existing demo version on Steam, and we're preparing a new version of the demo which will be published to both Steam and itch.io on the weekend. Keep an eye on the development logs for an update. Thank you for playing!


i played this game for a video and it was such a good game! the bird minigame gave me trouble tho lol 


make sure to check out the video and comment and like cus it would help me out alot

This game reminds me of one game titled Rhythm Heaven on Nintendo and this one looks a lot more colorful and cartoonish, like it!

I lo
I loved the demo! It is such a cute and fun game! I really enjoyed the bird one the most and the different ending screens depending on the score!

Any plans for the full release on Itch.io?

I think the game has tremendous potential! However! As a Mac user, if the special low latency engine is not going to be compatible with all devices then it is absolutely CRUCIAL that the game gets Sync/Offset adjustment options at some point down the road if it hasn't been planned for already.

Thanks! We actually have a preview build of the custom engine for macOS available right now on our Steam alpha channel. If you'd like to test it out, please join our Discord server for details.

This Game, yeah its on my top 10. Response times are amazing (even though Im on a mac and was expecting some delay) and the game just works flawlessley and every level felt unique. Can't wait to see more, one main problem: I want more of this game. 10/10, from your boy, Liljinks

how would you restart a level when you're still in it and with out having to exit out and back in?


10/10 from an Idiot!




what coding language did you code this in, just curios to know what my favorite games are coded in

C# with Unity as their engine. 


The custom engine which handles input and audio is written in C/C++. The game logic is written in C# and we use Unity to cover the parts we haven't written ourselves (yet), like graphics rendering.




esse jogo é realmente maravilhoso, espero que terminem


very very fun too play!! its just like rhythm heaven in another level (visually)


learn to type bruh


Extremely cute game! I really like the minigames, so original and fun to play :D


Anything for kitty!! This was the hardest for me.

The seal ball one was soooooo cute, that was my fav aesthetic!


i dunno if you've answered this but is this a spiritual successor to rhythm heaven? cuz if so im buying


this is not on payament stupid


i cant play when im in files im stuck please help 

It looks like you might be using a Chromebook. If your device supports Linux apps it may be possible to run the game, but we haven't tested it. If you can get a friend or family member to help you install the itch.io app, you should be able to launch any compatible Linux game from there.

ok thanks


Absolutely amazing game! :D Love the creativity, the art style, the music, the personality, the little easter eggs. Can't wait to get my hands on the full release. ^^


Really good game, Meet & Tweet has a couple issues for me. In the forest section of the dream bubble there is a  ***-* that over laps with your input so the timing is really hard. And in the final dream bubble the *** beats require you to put a input g=faster than the rythm goes.


Great game! I saw an ad for a game that ripped you off (a lot) on Google Play. The game is called Hammer Time and you can probably ask the devs to remove it, as they are makking money off of your idea. I just wanted to let you know.

Sorry, the game is called Hammer Dance


Amazing Game! Love the artstyle! I had lots of fun playing the first 3 levels, definitely playing it when the final version is released!


Love it! When i unplugged my headphones at the start screen the game crashed. Literally no issues with the rest of the game though it's so fun!


i got all the demo songs AMAZING. the bird one was the hardest since the timing




The rhythm heaven game Nintendo wouldn't make. 10/10 loved this


my favorite trend is Nintendo not making another Rhythm Heaven game so people made some themselves. Massive W


This feels like rhythm haven on crack and i love it


Really cute and fun! But...

The bird game would really benefit from some differentation between the cues, like a change in pitch, and maybe a visual change.

The hammer game would feel better to play if there was a clear cue for when it's the player's turn.

The seal game though? It's absolutely great as it is.

This game seems promising! While it's obvious where most of the inspiration came from, it definitely has its own identity. I do hope there will be a second demo, because two of the demo games, while charming, don't feel that great to play.


I found it easier to beat to close my eyes and just listen! It's just a higher difficulty level (and a little stressful) but rewarding to beat once you take the time to learn the tricks of it!


I'm def gonna buy the full game the artstyle is so cute aaaaa and the gameplay and the ost 

(1 edit) (+3)

I really hope to play it on steam!

It's hard to use Paypal in some areas...You konw...


I loved playing this demo!! Can't wait till the game is fully released!



best gaem ever


I'm on a macbook and I can't start it sadly, literally crying rn TwT

Sorry you're having trouble. If you would like to join our Discord server, we can look at your log files and help you fix the problem.


Bro this game is awesome most fun i had in a while!

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